An additional restriction of these terms of use by the uploaders is expressly waived by the upload to our Webdisk. Large steel arch bridge for rivercrossings, This mod contains a large steel bridge modelled after the Hohenzollernbrücke in Colonge, Germany, Bridge & Dam Construction / Brücken- & Dammbau. Note this is an additional aircraft and wont replace the default A320 or any repaints... One more repaint of default a320 in s7 airline old color. Welcome to the fan community of Transport Fever and Train Fever, the economic simulators of Urban Games. Er besteht aus zahlreichen Gebäuden,Laderampen,Bahnsteigen und verschiedenen Assets. I thought I would create a collection of anything we can find in regards to European Mods / Assets. They are avalible for the same dates as the working cars and are free to place and have no upkeep costs. Adds a futuristic car to the traffic (available from 2045). This adds a church - the from one of the missions, however it is COMPLETELY reskinned: A residential building for the futuristic miscellaneous category in the futuristic 2050 mod competition. Available: 1957-... Small wooden caboose with cupola. This mod allows you to use the Ford Transit Connect by Onionjack for cargo transport. A pack of eight boxcars from railroads of the USA's South East, from 1932-1980. The folk name of these buses is “penguins” (due to the image of a pair of penguins on […], The Soviet Scroll – Revolutionary Tamrielian Republics made up a Communist Union after the great revolution, thus began the fifth era… Now it’s the time to build a people’s railway net. Repaint of the (Urban Games) GE c40 8w to the Conrail colors. Default (vanilla) USA Locomotives as trackside assets. The Beluga is a self driving truck by NK Automotiv. Available from 1920 on. This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. Transport Fever 2 is an action video game which supports mods. This also applies to files you have changed. Examples of this class survive in service until 1984 when FRA regulations requiring five-man crews were abolished. This is an example mod which you can use as an example of creating custom person, town and street names in Transport Fever. Don’t have an account yet? The ideas to its construction are from the last 20'. This mod adds an option for 400 meter long railroad station platforms... Complex surface station, with underground level and/or tram stop option. United States Extra Large (With Industries). Transport Fever 2 mods is a popular manner to boost the game. Although it's a vehicle, it starts for futuristic miscellaneous as you can't own it. UPDATE:Es sind nun Parameter hinzu gekommen.Einige Stromkästen haben sich dazu gesllt. After just over a year, the first major update for the Dresden-Neustadt station. Note that the cars need to be placed on flat straight track to look good, they will not follo... A small texture bugfix for default PCC A7 streetcar. Beta version: Set with street cargo stations. Vergesst dann aber bitte nicht, im Linienmanager die Haltestelle zu entfernen. Until then, you're gonna need one of these on the end of all yo... Forty foot tank car, with skins for Sinclair Oil, the Hooker Chemical Company (heh), and UTLX. Das ist möglich. GE U50 - Union Pacific und Southern Pacific. nur die Treppe, dann kann man selbst seinen Anfangs- und Endpunkt wählen, Ich kann euch eins verraten. Globotek. This mod can only be … Wooden caboose with cupola. Ein junger Bursche wurde dabei gesichtet wie er das Plakat mit Grafitti voo geschmiert hat. We cultivate a friendly and objective interaction with each other and our … If you would like to use all features of this site, it is mandatory to enable JavaScript. No maintenance or running costs or need for fake locomotives. Da kommt noch einiges auf euch zu, also verschießt noch nicht euer ganzes Pulver, Instagramm: I didn't create any of these and suggest that if you enjoy using these that you show your appreciation to their creators. This mod can only be used when first starting a new game: 1. Anfangs hatte ich echt Schwirigkeiten aber so langsam finde ich echt dran Gefallen MOd zu modellieren und zu mappen.Ich werde euch in den nächsten Wochen immer wieder mal ein paar Bilder zeigen was ich so alles modde. Have fun with it. Default (vanilla) USA Passenger Cars as trackside assets. The Team of the Transport-Fever Community. De Havilland Canada DHC-7 British Airways. IT MAY NOT WORK PROPERLY IN NEWER VERSION!!! Adds more realism and variety to depots & stations.... Busbahnhof mit 10 Bussteigen / Bus Station with 10 Terminals. They are easily detectable by a white painted excess height section. Towns are named after the different Rock formations and Mesa's in the area. The P70 was the workhorse of the PRR's passenger fleet. Adds a Lighthouse as an available asset. Adds a fence which can be placed at railways.... Add a 40m version of the Sound Insolation. Mariotator; Aug 9th 2018; Willkommen in der Transport Fever Community . It is only visible to you. Available: 1900-1960.... All steel construction caboose with cupola. Victorious People’s Army drove all of them away! Precision Planner (Imperial Measurements). The standard caboose of the Standard Railroad of the World from 1942 onwards. These 89ft. The design fits well to my mod of a modern train station Moderner Hauptbahnhof. The PRR's B60b baggage car wasn't the biggest or most prestigious car out there, but at least there are a lot of commercial models around of it, and also I could go get some references off one parked in South Philly. We wish you a lot of fun and hope for active participation. Welcome to the West Coast of the United States this map consits of California, Nevada, and Utah with many iconic Cities and small towns. The Asea Brown Boveri ALP-44 is variant of the AEM-7 and was built for New Jersey Transit and SEPTA. If you would like to use all features of this site, it is mandatory to enable JavaScript. No more skyscrapers with countrysde wooden fences in 2000). Includes a helper locomotive for double headers. The MP54 is an all-steel EMU ordered by the Pennsylvania Railroad for its commuter operations in its electrified territory on the east coast of the United States. Hier nun endlich die Haltestelle mit Bucht! Es geht hier aber um Mods für Transport Fever 2, und… This Modification adds the GE P42 DC - New Haven to the game. A autorack freight car, as it is used in the US. Ein Modpaket womit jeder seinen eigenen Bahnhof bauen. They provided dependable service until their retirement in 2016. Big map 5889x2817 that reproduces real-world USA with major cities and industry.... A medium-sized map of the Michigan region in the United States. Ein Verkauf oder gewerbliche Nutzung aller Dateien ist untersagt.All mods may be downloaded free of costs and may be used for your personal use. Alle Mods werden kostenlos angeboten und dürfen zum privaten Gebrauch heruntergeladen und verwendet werden. This mod enables US diesel and electric locomotives in the reversed position. Registration and use is of course free for you. Edited 6 times, last by Mariotator (Aug 14th 2018). By continuing to browse this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. All Rights Reserved. No other modifications have been made, and the mod is compatible with ongoing games. This mod removes all fences from residential districts of your cities. fictional island off the coast of California Offers Spectacular cliffsides, rolling hills and mountains. Includes single head on 15ft mast and single head dwarf. Adds selectable left/right/through docs to the vanilla cargo harbor.... Wood frame, two story interlocking tower. Available from 1918 on. Transport Fever 2 © 2020. Загружать на другие сайты запрещено! Adds Nathan P01235 horn and a speed-dependent bell to Lord of the Flies' E60 repaints. Das mit dem Gras freut mich Wären es vielleicht möglich 2 Parameter hinzuzufügen, die das platzieren auf langen, dünnen und auf langen, breiten Stücken erleichtern? Der Mod besteht aus Baucontainern, Rohneubauten und verschiedenen Assets. New model; not a reskin of the 1899 tank car. A map of Fraser Valley, BC, Canada, covering the area from West Vancouver to Hope(+ Manning Park to connect roads to industries in mountain area.). Note this is an additional aircraft and wont replace any Boeing 737-300 or any repaints... A B747-8i in ficitonal Business Air Livery. 599 ratings ... ※ From now on all my mods creation will focus on Tpf2 ※ I will transfer all my Tpf1 Mods to Tpf2. This is a repaint of the 1900 Pullman in the Milwaukee Road Hiawatha livery. Mit diesem Mod wird dem Spiel ein Set von Gleiszaeunen hinzugefügt. Default (vanilla) USA freight cars as trackside assets. ^_^. by using the CC licenses. UPDATE:Der Bernd und der Bernd2 sind in die WG der Stromkästen eingezogen und haben es sich gemütlich gemacht. This is a Mappack with completly flat maps, no water or Mountains. The set consists of 2 filling stations in modern design. A new mod for the America fans among you, a U23B from General Electric. Adds a futuristic station for busses and trams to the Game (available from 2020). Your browser has JavaScript disabled. Register yourself now and be a part of our community! Available: 1850 Cost: $1200. This is a model of a midsized tram and bus station together with a large and a small bus stop. Repaint of default A320 in to British Airways livery. From […], Description DD51 The DD51 is Japan’s most famous diesel locomotive, which has been in production since 1962, and a few are still in service today. All Rights Reserved. Modell 1 ist fertig und sieht im Modviewer toll aus. Includes mast and dwarf versions. You can find it under the landscaping button in assets with a "?". ), A link from the download to a suitable topic for questions is helpful ;). Ihr könnt die Haltestelle natürlich auch mit Tramgleise und Tramstop upgraden bzw. Industrial Park, Industriepark, Industrypark. Heightmap modified from and the national flag was from […], Description This is an express carriage that Japan National Railways started operating in 1969 for transporting passengers at times of heavy traffic. Probably the best looking map of the three. Do you hate to destroy half of city in order to fit a train station with some decent catchment area?